17 year old Albino boy, choked to death in brutal murder in Malawi

Rights group Amnesty international has condemned the brutal killing of a 17-year-old boy with albinism, who was choked and hit with a sharp object in southern Malawi, reports news24

The 17-year-old, Sunganani Pensulo was attacked by a renowned businessman Willard Mikayele. His attack has become the 19th recorded albino to be killed across Malawi since November 2014.

According to news24 however, reports indicate that the actual number of albinos killed in the country could be much higher as many cases went unreported due to the secretive ritual practices.

Amnesty International condemned the killing of people living with albinism, calling for the Malawian authorities to thoroughly investigate the killing of Pensulo.

Amnesty International called on police and other law enforcement officials to step up their efforts and promptly bring the suspected perpetrator, who is known by the Mlonda Village community, before a competent court of law in a fair trial and send out a message that attacks on people with albinism will not be tolerated.


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