Ugandan young women group makes wine from hibiscus flower

According to a report by CGTN the youth/women’s group in northern Uganda is creatively using the Hibiscus sabdariffa flower in making wine.

The flower which is grown as a traditional vegetable in the region and known for its medicinal properties has become a vital component of a growing winemaking industry in the East African nation’s northern region, according to a report by the Daily Monitor.

The group started making wine last year after coming to the understanding that dried flowers can be used in the process of making wine, juice and powder. The groups which makes 40 litres of wine at a time which consumes at least 3kg of dried hibiscus, 10kg of sugar and a litre of pineapple or grape juice.

According to the group, the process of making the wine starts by harvesting fresh flowers, which they get from farmers or pick in bush, after which the flower is crashed and dried. After it dries, the flower is soaked overnight in cold water. The mix is sieved and mixed with heated sugar, and pineapple or grape juice for flavouring.

The group sells 700ml bottles of the wine at 20,000Ugandan Shillings which is less than a dollar.


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